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We prepare elevator system traffic analyses on all types of buildings to determine the type, quantity, and size of vertical transportation equipment to meet the project criteria.

We work closely with the client to optimize the elevator systems during preliminary and final design phases, in preparation of reports on vertical transportation systems, and estimates of probable costs.

We provide data on arrangements of elevator or escalator equipment, space requirements, structural loads, heat loads, electrical loads and data on related work affecting the vertical transportation systems.

We prepare specifications and bid documents for vertical transportation equipment in new buildings.

We prepare specifications and bid documents for modernization of vertical transportation equipment in existing buildings.

These specifications are prepared after careful review of all components to assure that all material that has substantial useful life is retained.

We conduct pre-bid conferences, evaluate bids and make recommendations for award of contracts.

We assist in negotiations with elevator subcontractors.


We review shop drawings submitted by the vertical transportation contractor for contract compliance, the contractor's schedule of approvals, material deliveries and installation time to assure client requirements are met.

We make periodic reviews of job progress at intervals acceptable to the client to assure work proceeds according to contract documents.

We make final reviews of all units by NAESA qualified personnel to determine compliance with applicable Codes and contract documents.

Reports are provided with deficiencies noted.  This service assures the client that vertical transportation equipment specified in contract documents is furnished, operates satisfactorily and complies with applicable Codes.


We prepare specifications for preventive maintenance service for the vertical transportation equipment in new or existing buildings.

We prepare bid documents, evaluate bids, negotiate with maintenance bidders and make recommendations for award of contracts.

We make maintenance management evaluations to determine the maintenance organization's ability to deliver continuing quality service.

Equipment Audit

We perform equipment audit reviews and make reports on vertical transportation equipment by NAESA qualified personnel to determine the electrical, mechanical and safety condition of the existing elevator equipment, the efficiency of operation, and compliance with applicable safety Codes and ADA.

We make period audit review sot evaluate the quality and the effectiveness of the elevator maintenance program.  The client receives an objective report on the status on the equipment and recommendations for corrections where deficiencies are noted.  This audit report can be the basis for an ongoing quality assurance program for the preventative maintenance of the equipment in each building.

We do problem solving for elevator equipment in existing buildings in reference to equipment function and special operations.

Equipment Evaluation

We perform due diligence reviews to determine status of vertical transportation systems for organizations purchasing existing buildings.

The client receives a report that indicates the condition of the equipment, the status of code compliance and recommendations to update the equipment to "state of the art" control and operation.

We prepare budget estimates of probable costs to perform the recommended work.

Inspection Services

In areas where private inspection is required by the authority having jurisdiction, Persohn/Hahn Associates provides experienced QEI Inspectors to witness annual and five year testing and reporting.